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2005 Komori  Lithrone 428 2005 Komori Lithrone 428

Komori Lithrone 428 Age: 2005 Available: immediately Condition: Very good Condition of cylinders: Damage free Complete and in working condition: Yes Technical details 4 colour PQC SAPC Cocking Preset Alcolor dampening Imp. 80 Mil.

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2007 HEIDELBERG SPEEDMASTER XL 105-8 + L Format: 75 x 105 cm Impression count: 165 Mio Sheets EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS: Alcolor continuous dampening Autoplate (semiautomatic plate loader) Axis Control quality control CP 2000 - Digital machine control and diagnosis Impression-cylinder washing device - automatic Ink-roller washing device - automatic Blanket washing device - automatic Coating unit with chambered doctor blade system Straight press TECHNICAL DETAILS Colors: 8 Max. Speed: 18,000 sheets/h Length: 1,870 cm Width: 393 cm Height: 245 cm Format Max X: 75 cm Format Max Y: 105 cm Format Min X: 34 cm Format Min Y: 48 cm Printing Surface X: 74 cm Printing Surface Y: 105 cm Max. Paper Strength: 1 mm Min. Paper Strength: 0.03 mm Stacking Height Feeder: 132 cm Stacking Height Delivery: 129.5 cm

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Reserved MITSUBISHI 5G-4 4 colour machine Max. sheet size: 90X130 cm. December 1998 (Installed in 1999) - API console: Ink and registered control. - Semiautomatic plate change - Automatic washers - Preset - IR dryer - Powder spray If you need help contact Tel +1 252 296 2940

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2005 Mitsubishi D3000 LS-5

2005 Mitsubishi D3000 LS-5 220 mil. impressions S-APC Cocking Preset IPC monitor API console Multimode dampening Auto Blanket washer Auto Roller washer Grafix powder sprayer Non-stop feeder Non-stop delivery

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2008 Heidelberg CD 102 5+LX 2008 Heidelberg CD 102 5+LX

2008 Heidelberg CD 102-5+LX, max. sheet size 72 x 102 cm, Impression counter 124 mill. approx., Equipped with Prinect Press Center Axis Control Preset Plus feeder and delivery Alcolor Autoplate Anilox coater IR-dryer Extended delivery Instant Gate Machine is raised by 50 cm

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KBA Rapida and Planeta

Looking for KBA RAPIDA and PLANETA KBA RA 142, 145, 162, 164 / 4 to 8 colors 1998 to 2010 Also Planeta 55 to 67 inch format. Any year. Email Us

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1994 KBA Planeta Rapida 142 -7 Coater UV

1994 KBA Planeta Rapida 142 -7 Coater UV Max. Paper Size : 1020x1420 mm (40.16x55.91") smallest size : 600x850 mm (23.62x33.46") image area : 1010x1420 mm (39.76x55.91") speed : 11.000 sheets/h. Perfects 1/6 and 7/0 Fuji Console- ink, water , registers, CIP-3, color scanner Baldwin Refrigeration and Recirculation Dahlgreen Anilox Coater SPIESS Feeder MMT UV interdeck after Unit 2 and unit 4 Eltosh IR Dryer with Hot Air Knives 3 Eltosh UV lamps on Delivery Auto Roller Wash MMT Dryer WEKO Powder Sprayer Quick Clamps Plate Change Suction Tapes on Feeder Table Provision for Water Chilled Vibrators 2 coating Pumps , 1 for UV coating and 1 for Aqueous Coater Programable Lubrication System for Delivery Chains High pile delivery Elevated machine Can be print tested

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SOLD 2007 Roland 905 7B+LV

Roland 905-7B+LV Year built : 2007 Speed : 13.000 sh/h Max. sheet size : 1200 x 1620 mm Availability : immediately Condition : very good Price : on request HiPrintAPL-Automatic plate change QuickChange system Quickchange Clamp Automatic sequence job change, new start / stop sequences Lackmodul Kammerrakel-System Roland Deltamatic film dampening system Anilox Syslem"Beta.c" Technotrans Roland Seccomatic IR / TL final drying Airglide stacking boom Pressure cylinder washing device with brush for printing units Pollinator Grafix Cantronic 3000 material thickness: 0,06-1 mm NonStop furnishings Impressions: 150 millions If you need help contact Tel +1 252 296 2940

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