Listing your items on The Printers Blue Book is extremely easy. Not only do we give you great benefits but our prices are hard to beat. We offer our customers FREE Classified listing plan where they can post ads free for life. Ad is limited to 1 to 2 ads per month with 1 photo per ad FREE lifetime. Customers may get the Classified or Auction Plan / Subscription on our site.


Owners and dealers can take advantage of the "Subscription Based" option which allows you to sign up for a subscription to our site and place as many listings as you want during your subscription period (contact us for details). It is risk-free and you can request for cancellation anytime. Please review the pricing schedule below before registering to use our site.


The Printer's Blue Book also gives you the choice of putting up your own storefront even with the Basic (free) Classified plan for as low as $100 per month. It is like having your own e-commerce website. Each store will be included as special feature in our weekly newsletter sent to more than 118,000 lists in our database for them to see all the items you have for sale without the incovenience of searching or browsing and going through other ads. Just login to your free account and click STOREFRONT link.

But wait, there's more! If you choose the Gold Yearly Subscription - Plan 688, your storefront will automatically be installed for you. You may ask our support staff to assist you or even put it up for you.

Basic FREE Classified Plan 

Each listing gives you the ability to display 1 photo per Ad. Happy listing!


Classified Listing Prices

1 to unlimited photos and videos 
Attention Getter 
Featured Ad Upgrade 
Bolded Listing Upgrade 
Better Placement Upgrade 
Email Marketing 
Storefront: Starts at $100/month lifetime (Can be standalone or included in the plan)
Access to downloads and listings 

Gold Monthly Subscription

Each listing gives you the ability to display 5 photos and 1 video per Ad. Happy listing!

Registration: Free
Subscription Fee: Starts at $68.00 only.
Placing of Ads: Up to 150 ads
Succeeding ads:Free
Featured Ad
Bolded Listing
Better Placement
Email marketing (Basic) Your listings sent to 118,000 companies worldwide.

Gold Yearly Subscription 

Each listing gives you the ability to display up to 10 photos per ad and 3 videos per Ad. Happy listing!

Registration: Free
Subscription Fee: Starts at $688.00 
Placing of Ads: Unlimited Ads
Featured Ad
Bolded Listing
Better Placement
Email marketing (Premium) Emails your listings to more than 118,000 companies worldwide
Storefront (Your own store) FREE (Valued at $100/month)
Access to downloads and listings 


Companies can place their banners or logos on our site thru the following:

1. Banner 200x200 Front Page - USD 38/month

2. Banner 728x90 Advertisers' Page - USD 48/month

3. Banner 600x90 Front page Top - USD 58/month

4. Banner 600x90 Front page Bottom - USD 38/month

5. Banner 250x250 Front Page Left Column - USD 58/month

6. Banner Any Size Any page - USD 48/month

Send your banners to us now and be seen over 18,000 times a day (based on site stats) ! 

All companies under our Banner Ads Program will automatically be applied as Gold Monthly Member (see details below). You banner/s will also be sent out to our mailing list thru our weekly newsletter.

Not enough for you? Tell us what you need and we will provide you a complete marketing plan that includes sending to more than 116,000 VERIFIED emails and getting listed in over 158 printing classified sites worldwide for as low as USD 1488.00/month! Sounds competitive enough?

So why buy the expensive unverified email list? Why pay more for a marketer or staff? When you can have the same fully-packed services here. It’s like having a virtual assistant to do all your work. You can sit down and relax and wait for your inquiries and close your deals.


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Other Services

Free ad aplacement for free subcribers or subscribe to Plans (see Plans)
Attention Getter (all plans)
Featured Ad Upgrade (see Plans)
Bolded Listing Upgrade (see Plans)
Better Placement Upgrade for Gold subscribers
Free Email Marketing for Gold subcribers
Storefront: Starts at $100/month lifetime (Can be standalone or included in the plan) Free for Gold subscribers
Access to downloads and listings for Gold Yearly Subscribers 

Gold Monthly Subscription

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Gold Yearly Subscription 

set up for your regular Mailer?
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What we do:

We verify your subcribers' emails and purge the hard bounce emails.
We set your newsletters up using our own email software according to your choice of
how frequent you want to send them.
We organize your regular emails and make sure they don't spam the subscribers.



We set up and host your own website, with language packs, and country-wide specifics.

Or you can choose to have a simple website for your own items or products only.

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